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Holiday Hangout

I am a member of the OCAD Artist Alley Executive Team, a student-lead organization that holds bi-annual art markets to showcase the work of the OCADU community. It is the institution's oldest and most recognized student-run organization. During the 2022-2023 academic year I served as the team's Illustrator and Graphic Designer, eventually becoming the organization's Lead in May 2023.

OCAD Artist Alley's Holiday Hangout was a workshop and social event to celebrate the holiday season within the OCADU community. As the event planner and facilitator, I took on the role of illustrating the promotional poster. I made use of monochromatic blues, folk-inspired framing, and hand-written type to match the hangout's intimate and cozy atmosphere.

The poster received over 3K engagements on Instagram with the event garnering over 50 RSVPS - a record high for events of this type in the campus space.

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